Case Studies

Read about some of the many different ways the Phantom digital high-speed cameras are used.

Case Studies

Stereoscopic Imaging with the Phantom Flex4K


GreenHausFilms is an experienced and flexible service provider for digital cinema cameras used on feature films, commercials, music videos, documentaries and more in Cape Town, South Africa. GHF focuses mainly on High Speed and is always trying to push boundaries to ensure the best results. The company was founded 2009 by Karl Schmidt, one of the leading high-speed technicians and operators in South Africa.

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Vision Research High-Speed Digital Cameras Instrumental in Teaching Construction Site Safety


There is a good reason construction workers are asked to wear hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, and various other safety equipment while on the job; construction sites are dangerous. Filled with heavy and sharp objects, platforms of varying heights, flying sparks and debris, and a number of other potentially dangerous elements, it’s no wonder so many injuries occur on construction sites. Unfortunately, too many workers are either unaware of the risks, or exhibit a high risk tolerance, often coupled with an opposition to what they see as burdening or cumbersome safety equipment.

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Explosives Engineering: High Speed Imagery for Research and Experimentation


Put a high-speed camera in the hands of almost anyone, and the first thing they film is likely to be an explosion. It is fun watching a watermelon explode into thousands of micro-sized pieces in slow motion. However, the use of high-speed imaging to view and analyze explosives is serious business at the Colorado School of Mines. Understanding the best way to apply explosives to accomplish
an objective is an area of continuous research and the results benefit industries ranging from construction to mining to defense.

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High-Speed Cameras Make Sound Visible and Improve Noise Absorbers


Enduring excessive noise e. g. near airports is not only annoying, but can contribute to hearing impairment, and also to various diseases, like high blood pressure or stomach ulcers. To protect mankind from the consequences of exposure to noise, it is the ongoing task of politics, industry and research to support and develop noise reduction strategies. Looking especially at aircraft noise there is a demand by the European Commission to reduce aircraft noise level by 10 dB, which corresponds to about 50 percent. However, a large gap between desired and present state of noise reduction exists.

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Digital High-Speed Cameras Work to Increase Automobile Fuel Efficiency


With the ever-rising price of gasoline being a major concern, the term “fuel efficient” has been touted and reused by every car manufacturer, whether it’s for a high-performance vehicle or a commuter car. As environmentally conscious consumers, we expect low emissions, great gas mileage and high performance all at the same time. As a result, the need to create cleaner burning and more efficient engines year after year has engineers working at a pace that requires sophisticated technological solutions.

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